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In 2014, the University of Michigan launched an NSF-funded program to reinvent introductory teaching and learning in the core STEM disciplines.  REBUILD (Researching Evidence-Based Undergraduate Instructional and Learning Developments) aimed to promote recruitment, retention, and academic excellence in STEM disciplines by catalyzing the use of evidence-based teaching methods and learning analytics.  Toward this end, REBUILD faculty and postdocs led reform efforts in traditionally lecture-based, high-enrollment courses and labs in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics.
Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership: Actively Learning Mathematics Research Action Cluster: A nationwide network of 38 teams — spanning 30 states, 69 universities, 87 school systems, 9 community colleges, and a variety of other interested institutions — working collaboratively to reform secondary mathematics teacher preparation at the college and university level.
The Helmsley Charitable Trust supports four Helmsley Postdoctoral Teaching Scholars at Yale University, two in physics and two in math. The Helmsley Scholars pioneer innovative teaching approaches in their respective Yale departments as well as at area partner institutions, employing the use of instructional technology and evidence-based teaching methods shown to increase student persistence in STEM.
Led by Yale’s Shizuo Kakutani Lecturer in math, James Rolf, Online Experiences for Yale Scholars (ONEXYS) provides a cohort of incoming Yale students with the opportunity to prepare for the rigors of quantitative study at Yale before arriving on campus in the fall.
A partnership between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Maryland Baltimore County goal is to produce a dramatic increase in the number of high achieving under-represented undergraduate students in science that attain advanced STEM degrees.
The University of North Carolina have hired eight STEM lecturers trained in evidence-based teaching methods to reduce class sizes.
Seeking to raise the level of STEM literacy, the UKanTeach STEM Teacher Preparation Program provided a leverage point to address STEM literacy at multiple levels of formal schooling. Since UKanTeach students are regular undergraduate STEM discipline majors it became very important that CSTEM understand the major learning outcomes as they emerged with their majors.
UKanTeach supports effective STEM learning, effective communication about STEM, supports service learning, while exploring secondary mathematics and science teaching as an option at graduation. If you wish to be a better science communicator or teach secondary (grades 6-12) math or science, then UKanTeach can help.
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Merit Fellows Program intention is to provide support, including financial) to students in their major and career pursuits, and create a cohort of STEM leaders within the departments of chemistry, integrative biology, and mathematics.