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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A drug-carrying microsphere within a cell-bearing microcapsule could be the key to transplanting insulin-secreting pig pancreas cells into human patients whose own cells have been destroyed by type I diabetes.
Carolyna Quiles won an Outstanding Young Researcher Award and an Outstanding Poster Award at the Illinois Summer Research Symposium and discovered a new career path.
The Illinois Biodiesel Initiative (IBI) trains students to process waste cooking oil from University Housing and Dining Services into usable fuel.
Illinois chemists have developed molecular prosthetics, small molecules that can treat protein deficiencies
The Information Trust Institute (ITI) at the University of Illinois provides national leadership combining research and education with industrial outreach in trustworthy and secure information systems.
Cellphones and other devices could soon be controlled with touchless gestures and charge using ambient light.
A new class of small, thin electronic sensors can monitor temperature and pressure within the skull – crucial health parameters after a brain injury or surgery – then melt away when they are no longer needed, eliminating the need for additional surgery to remove the monitors and reducing the risk of infection and hemorrhage.
A new machine-learning simulation system developed at the University of Illinois promises cosmologists an expanded suite of galaxy models – a necessary first step to developing more accurate and relevant insights into the formation of the universe.
University of Illinois engineers have found an energy-efficient material for removing salt from seawater.
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Merit Fellows Program intention is to provide support, including financial) to students in their major and career pursuits, and create a cohort of STEM leaders within the departments of chemistry, integrative biology, and mathematics.