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AAU is pleased to feature peer reviewed scholarship from AAU STEM Network campuses leading institution- and department-wide efforts to reform undergraduate STEM education and improve student success. Articles are listed alphabetically by title.

Advancing Evidence-Based Teaching in Gateway Science Courses Through a Mentor-Apprentice Model (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

A Visual Approach to Helping Instructors Integrate, Document, and Refine Active Learning (Washington University in St. Louis)

Calculus-enhanced Energy-first Curriculum for Introductory Physics Improves Student Performance Locally and in Downstream Courses (University of Kansas)

Challenge Faculty to Transform STEM Learning (Michigan State University)

Characterizing College Science Assessments: The Three Dimensional Learning Assessment Protocol (Michigan State University)

Closing the Achievement Gap in STEM:  A Two-Year Reform Effort at Brown University (Brown University)

Developing Faculty Cultures for Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in STEM: A Progress Report (University of Arizona)

Developing Institutional Learning Analytics 'Communities of Transformation' to Support Student Success (Indiana University, University of Kansas, University of California, Davis)

Evaluating the Extent of a Large-Scale Transformation in Gateway Science Courses (Michigan State University)

Framework for Transforming Departmental Culture to Support Educational Innovation (University of Colorado Boulder)

Getting Under the Hood: How and for Whom Does Increasing Course Structure Work? (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

iAMSTEM: Increasing STEM Success at UC–Davis: Increasing Student Success at UC–Davis (University of California, Davis)

Structured, Active, In-Class Learning: Connecting the Physical to the Mathematical in an Introductory Biomechanics Course (Work in Progress) (University of Pennsylvania)

Towards a Model of Systemic Change in University STEM Education (University of Colorado Boulder)

Transforming the Content, Pedagogy and Structure of an Introductory Physics Course for Life Sciences Majors (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)