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AAU Immigration


Being a great university in the 21st century means having a global reach, education is greatly enriched and enlightened by the interaction of teachers and students from other nations. Providing these experiences is an investment in the future as we seek to build international cooperation, peace, and economic growth.  AAU universities continue to attract some of the world’s most talented students and employ outstanding international faculty, post-doctoral associates, and research scientists. AAU has long encouraged this flow of knowledge and has also supported federal efforts to encourage DREAMERS to attend universities.

Many international faculty join their university through an H-1B visa. These individuals work in classrooms and hospitals, preparing students to enter a workforce in which global engagement is a necessity. They also provide substantive scientific expertise as they search for cures and innovations to improve human health, create new technologies, and drive our economy. AAU advocates for a fair and transparent immigration systems that allows the best and brightest to contribute to member universities mission of advancing society through education, research, and discovery.

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