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PhD Education Initiative

To improve the educational experience of doctoral students in all disciplines and in recognition of the diverse career pathways available to PhD graduates, AAU has launched an initiative in collaboration with our member universities aimed at changing the established culture surrounding doctoral education at AAU institutions.

The overarching objective for the AAU PhD Education Initiative is:  to promote more student-centered doctoral education at AAU universities by making diverse PhD career pathways visible, valued, and viable.

The goals of the Initiative are:

  1. Institutional Change.  Influence the culture and behavior at the department level to provide PhD students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in careers both within and beyond academia.
  2. Data Transparency.  Identify institutional policies and practices to make PhD program data—including data about the career pathways and employment trends of their PhD alumni—widely available.
  3. Strategies.  Highlight and encourage effective university, disciplinary society, and federal agency strategies and programs.