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Copyright law undergirds a fundamental mission of colleges and universities: namely, to create and disseminate new knowledge and understanding through teaching, research, and scholarship

In the evolving digital environment, there are new opportunities to increase access to new knowledge. Universities, publishers, government agencies, and public interest groups are seeking ways to exploit the capacity of digital technologies to expand both access to and use of copyrighted information, while preserving the quality and integrity of copyrighted works and the means to recover the continuing costs of publishing.



AAU comments addressing the Copyright Office’s September 2, 2021, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM).
Associations file amicus brief addressing concerns to the proper interpretation of the conditions for eligibility for the limitations on copyright remedies provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) in BMG vs. Cox.
EDUCAUSE, AAU, and APLU, comment in response to “Section 512 Study: Notice and Request for Public Comment” (80 FR 81862, Docket No. 2015-7; Docket No. COLC-2015-0013).
Before the United States Copyright Office, AAU, ACE, APLU, and EDUCAUSE comment on Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
The following statement responds briefly to three significant issues raised in the comments received by the PTO. This statement is intended to give the PTO a more complete and accurate record to consult in drafting its report to Congress and is submitted on behalf of the AAU, ACE, NASULGC, ALA, ARL, AALL, MLA, AND SLA.
The following letter is on behalf of AAU, ACE, NASULGC, ALA, ARL, AALL, MLA, and SLA in response to the Patent and Trademark Office’s December 13, 2002 Notice of Hearings and Request for Written Comments on Technological Protection Systems for Digitized Copyrighted Works (“Notice”), 67 Fed. Reg. 72920.
Associations submit letter to the Court pursuant to the Advisory Committee Note to Circuit Rule 29-1, to express their support for the amicus brief submitted in Case No. 02-55797 by the Internet Commerce Coalition and the U.S. Internet Service Provider Association (the “Internet Coalitions Brief”).