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Intellectual Property

AAU joined several other higher education associations to oppose efforts to roll back current network neutrality rules.

In October 2014, the Association of American Universities (AAU) formed the AAU Technology Transfer Working Group with the task of reaffirming that the primary goal of university technology transfer operations is to advance the public interest.

AAU signed onto an ACE-led higher education and library association letter opposing efforts to roll back the Obama administration’s network neutrality rules.
The Milken Institute today released a report ranking more than 200 U.S. universities for their ability to turn their research into products and startup companies. Seventeen AAU universities were ranked in the top 20 schools.
Report published in Technology and Innovation highlighting the recommendations disseminated by the AAU and APLU technology transfer working groups with examples of university policies and practices.
AAU, APLU, AUTM, AAMC, and COGR, comment on the Rights to Federally Funded Inventions and Licensing of Government Owned Inventions 81 FR 78090: RIN 0693-AB63.
A statement by the AAU on proposals issued today by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte and Ranking Democrat Conyers for reform of the U.S. Copyright Office.
The February 2013 OSTP memorandum directed Federal agencies to support increased public access to the results of Federally-funded research, specifically to scholarly publications and digital data resulting from such research.
The study, which sensibly attempts to draw distinctions among the widely varied business models of actors in the patent system, supports our long-held position that any efforts to reduce abusive litigation practices must be narrowly tailored to address the small minority of patent holders that are abusing the system.
Higher Education Association statement on Federal Trade Commission’s Patent Assertion Entity Activity Study, 2016.