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Federal investment is crucial for encouraging basic scientific research — the bedrock for the applied research that has transformed our lives
Indiana University president Michael A. McRobbie wrote an op ed in Education Dive titled “President Speaks: Colleges must prioritize foreign languages.”
University of Colorado Boulder President Philip DiStefano wrote in the Colorado Sun about the importance of federal investment in university research to the success of public-private partnership.
Incoming University of Southern California President Carol Folt sat down with National Public Radio to discuss Operation Varsity Blues, the recent investigation into college admissions fraud.
Chancellor Howard Gillman of the University of California, Irvine and dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the University of California, Berkeley penned an op ed in the Los Angeles Times titled “Trump’s executive order on college free speech is unconstitutional.”
Cornell University President Martha Pollack wrote in CNN about the importance of international talent to America’s leading research institutions.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman wrote an op-ed to express my deep concerns for how public universities are governed.
Douglas A. Girod, chancellor of the University of Kansas, said regional growth in the Kansas City metropolitan area is hampered by the "lack of a sufficient workforce to meet the needs of our growing economy" in a commentary published in The Kansas City Star.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Rafael Reif wrote in the Financial Times to encourage the nation’s colleges and universities to prepare students for societal challenges posed by artificial intelligence.
University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann writes of the fundamental importance of free press and honest journalism.