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The University of Arizona

In the new study, a team of multi-institution scientists led by the University of Missouri challenged prior theories of the origins of three vegetables — canola, rutabaga and Siberian kale — by mapping the genetic family tree of these leafy greens
With the help of two radio telescopes coordinated by the University of Arizona, astronomers have taken the first direct image of a black hole.
University of Arizona researchers study how the brain processes different types of language, including metaphors.
Research completed by two University of Arizona medical students shows a tragic trend in overdose-related, out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Arizona.
New research from the UA Eller College of Management suggests that selecting an indulgent dessert at the start of a meal could lead diners to choose healthier meal options.
Bigger dogs, with larger brains, perform better on certain measures of intelligence than their smaller canine counterparts, according to a new study led by the University of Arizona.
Get to know Ayumi Pottenger, a senior studying molecular and cellular biology in the hopes of developing treatments for those with Parkinson’s disease while elucidating some of the mysteries of the brain.
Despite stereotypes, young people may prefer curling up with a paper book over their e-reader — even more so than their older counterparts — according to a new study from the University of Arizona
Listening to music with your children might do wonders for your future relationship with your son or daughter, according to a new study from the University of Arizona.
Women are more likely to experience workplace incivility — low-intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm — at the hands of other women, according to new research by University of Arizona professor Allison Gabriel.