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AAU Values

Commitment to Our Members : Our primary constituents are the presidents and chancellors who lead our member institutions. We support them along with the members of AAU’s constituent groups to enhance the influence of our members and use collaborative action and our collective voice to advocate for America’s leading research universities and their national priorities. In doing so, we advance higher education and the government-university partnership that serves our nation.

Integrity and Accountability : We are transparent and open in our interactions with our constituents and each other. We maintain a non-partisan, collaborative, friendly, and mutually respectful environment. We hold ourselves to account as a staff and in our working teams as we focus on successful outcomes.

Adaptation and Excellence : As the external environment evolves and changes, staff adapt and adopt new strategies that advance our work. We aim to be the ‘go to’ and trusted source for research and graduate education issues within the higher education sector and for policymakers and the media. Our work is challenging and invigorating. We focus on key priorities and consistently endeavor to achieve our objectives at a high level. We strive to be thought leaders and champions for our members in the broader community.

Communicate, Challenge & Collaborate : We communicate directly and respectfully, share ideas and feedback, and engage in vigorous debates with the ultimate goal of arriving at solutions that benefit our members.

Talent and Teamwork : We hire the most talented individuals and bring together the skills and expertise of our staff to work tirelessly for our members and the higher education community at large. We leverage the collective genius of our staff and integrate the team approach we have developed to utilize the complementary talents of each other.

Embrace Diversity : We strive to show a deep respect for individuals inside and outside of AAU and for the communities in which they live. We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equity.