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Department of Defense

AAU urges Congress to provide at least $2.436 billion for Department of Defense (DOD) 6.1 basic research in FY19.
Status of FY19 appropriations including the President’s FY19 Budget Request for AAU’s funding priorities at the Department of Defense including 6.1 Basic Research, 6.2 Applied Research, 6.3 Advanced Technology Development, and DARPA.
Coalition for National Security Research (CNSR), of which AAU is a member, sent a letter to House and Senate appropriators urging Congress to robustly fund the Department of Defense science and technology program for FY18.
The Coalition for National Security Research (CNSR), sent a letter urging Congress to begin negotiations on a bipartisan budget agreement to raise the discretionary budget caps.
AAU joins the Energy Sciences Coalition in a statement supporting bipartisan efforts to reauthorize ARPA-E at the Department of Energy.