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Press Releases

Today, our lawmakers failed the American people, including the hundreds of thousands of young undocumented people, who are American in every way except birth. This inaction is appalling and it endangers our nation.
The administration’s proposed FY19 budget would cripple our nation’s position as a global science and technology leader and greatly erode the longstanding government-university partnership that supports our public health, national defense, and economic competitiveness.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman expresses disappointment in Congress's failure to pass a bipartisan budget agreement.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman says the tax bill passed by Congress will harm students, families, local communities, and the nonprofit universities that have long served them.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman says passing the tax reform legislation will mean less money for student aid and for life-saving research at America’s research universities.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman expresses dismay at the FCC decision to eliminate protections for network neutrality, reversing their 2015 Open Internet Order.
With little time to review the proposed HEA bill and its amendments, we are deeply concerned that the proposed sweeping changes will negatively impact college access and affordability and prove detrimental to the education and training of our future workforce.
The Senate tax reform measure will hurt hardworking students and their families, weaken our scientific enterprise, and drastically increase our national debt.
The proposal includes provisions that would make higher education less accessible and less affordable for low- and middle-income students.
AAU and APLU released a report that details actions universities and federal agencies can take to advance timely access to data from federally-sponsored research.