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Press Releases

With little time to review the proposed HEA bill and its amendments, we are deeply concerned that the proposed sweeping changes will negatively impact college access and affordability and prove detrimental to the education and training of our future workforce.
The Senate tax reform measure will hurt hardworking students and their families, weaken our scientific enterprise, and drastically increase our national debt.
The proposal includes provisions that would make higher education less accessible and less affordable for low- and middle-income students.
AAU and APLU released a report that details actions universities and federal agencies can take to advance timely access to data from federally-sponsored research.
I applaud Sen. Lankford & Rep. Walker for introducing the Universal Charitable Giving Act, which incentivizes charitable giving to nonprofit causes.
APLU and AAU hosted the inaugural University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase, spotlighting 22 startup companies that have created products born out of federally funded, university-based research. 
While we are pleased the Senate tax reform bill retains many of the student tax benefits the House was willing to eliminate, it still cuts too many programs that keep higher education accessible and affordable.
The House Tax Reform bill eliminates student benefits that foster a highly-educated & skilled workforce. Pro-growth tax reform should expand these benefits to improve higher education access and affordability.
We are disappointed the House has adopted a budget resolution that fails to provide relief from sequester-level nondefense discretionary spending caps.
AAU presidents and chancellors urge Congress to enact a permanent legal solution for the nearly 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants participating in DACA.