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Harvard University

Researchers have developed a new approach to repair cells deep inside the ear — a potential remedy that could restore hearing for millions of elderly people and others who suffer hearing loss.
Reversing the aging of blood vessels could hold the key to restoring youthful vitality, at least in mice, according to a new study led by investigators at Harvard Medical School.
Researchers have developed new wound dressings that dramatically accelerate healing and improve tissue regeneration.
Researchers at Harvard University and MIT have created origami-inspired artificial muscles that could give 'soft' robots superpowers, allowing them to lift objects that are up to 1,000 times their own weight using only air or water pressure.
A UMD-led research team has developed a predictive model that can warn of dangerous drops in blood pressure before these occur in intensive care units.
Harvard researchers have teamed up with local fire departments to examine on-site health threats, including cancer.
Excellence, access, and affordability are top concerns for public and private universities, several AAU presidents tell a Washington, D.C audience.
Research opens a ‘new universe’ of organic molecules that can store energy in flow batteries.
Harvard researchers co-found SPOUTS of Water, a social enterprise that provides access to safe drinking water Ugandans.
Whether plumbing the depths of the ocean floor or blasting off into outer space, students set their sites on solving complex problems in “Engineering Design Projects” (ES 100). The capstone course at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) challenges seniors to develop a creative project that solves a real-world engineering problem.