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Yale University

Researchers at Yale have developed a way to tease out factors that may determine which roles microglia, a cell suspected to be key to the development of Alzheimers, might play.
Using a simulation modeling approach, Brown researchers estimate that closing syringe services programs, even for one year, will cause cases of HIV to rise.
Researchers at UW highlight a downside to the adoption of meditating - it can reduce feelings of guilt, thus limiting reactions like generosity that are important to human relationships.
Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health were able to accurately predict COVID-19 outbreaks in Connecticut municipalities using anonymous location information from mobile devices, according to a new study published in Science Advances.

Chances are you don’t think of health and well-being when you think of art museums. But Julie Averbach, B.A. ’22, does.

Mutations of a gene that regulates formation of blood vessels in the brain of vertebrates can lead to potentially deadly aneurysms in adults, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in the December issue of Nature Medicine.
To better understand the needs of patients with opioid use disorder and treatment options, Yale researchers analyzed the health records of 355 patients treated in a primary care facility at the APT Foundation in New Haven, Connecticut.
Researchers at Yale and the Weizmann Institute of Science have found the first evidence that the human fetus can spontaneously produce insulin outside the pancreas — in the small intestine, specifically — a startling discovery that stands in contrast to the longheld belief that insulin production is unique to the pancreas.
In a Yale study, experts found that a nasal vaccine provided broad-based protection against heterologous respiratory viruses in mice, while so-called systemic immunization, which uses an injection to elicit body-wide protection, did not.