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University of Michigan

A researcher at the University of Michigan has developed a smooth, durable, clear coating that swiftly sheds water, oils, and alcohols. The advance could grime-proof phone screens, countertops, camera lenses and countless other everyday items.
Summer employment is typically expected to support youth development in work readiness and career aspirations, but there is reason to believe it may improve educational outcomes as well, a new University of Michigan study suggests.
A sudden loss of net worth in middle or older age is associated with a significantly higher risk of death, reports a new Northwestern Medicine and University of Michigan study.
Twenty percent of Americans account for nearly half of U.S. diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, a new study shows.
A team of scientists argues that to further improve care, more focus should be directed at another team of first responders: the ones that make up the body’s innate immune system.
A new study finds only half of the women who could benefit from genetic testing get it, and often not before they have surgery.
A new study links familial relationships to the likelihood older adults will get needed cataract surgery — a procedure with broad implications for health.
High school students can make a major impact on their schoolmates’ understanding of depression, and their attitudes about seeking help for themselves or others, according to a new study.
Many people over age 50 see a mismatch in what tests and treatments doctors recommend, and what they need and use, according to a new health care poll.
A growing body of research indicates air pollution leads to societal ills, such as higher crime rates.