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The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) is headquartered at CU Boulder, and a non-profit organization chartered in 2004 by the National Science Foundation to increase the participation of girls and women in computing. Before NCWIT was formed, programs focusing on women and computing (K-12, post secondary, or corporate) existed mostly in isolation, without the benefit of shared best practices, effective resources, communication with others, or national reach.
As a direct result of the AAU STEM Initiative, we have substantial evidence of institutional change occurring at Washington University. This includes the funding of a new initiative to continue increasing adoption of evidence-based pedagogies in STEM, as well as expansion and adoption of programs begun by the AAU Initiative.
As a direct result of the AAU STEM Initiative, we have implemented numerous professional development activities for our faculty. Professional development is being implemented in a multi-pronged fashion, and includes observation and feedback for faculty, and multiple professional development activities including multi-day summer institutes, a mentoring program, a community of practice, and a speaker series.
The primary focus is to implement and evaluate our multiple-strategy approach for incorporating active learning into lower-level STEM courses. The multiple-strategies approach allows instructors flexibility in integrating active learning into a framework that meshes with their approach to teaching and with the demands of their discipline and the academic department with which the instructor is affiliated.
The University of Missouri offers a variety of undergraduate research programs to allow students to explore the unknown through hands-on work with faculty mentors and hopefully increase the number of students who pursue STEM fields.
The University of Missouri’s geology field camp helps create the most effective undergraduate learning: active, cooperative, and demanding.
Emory University’s Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods (QuanTM) new and innovative curriculum prepares students for variety of professional careers and graduate school with statistical training, fellowships, a faculty skill-building leave program, and an annual speaker series and workshops.
Cornell University is undertaking campus-wide and discipline-specific initiatives to provide graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with practical experience in planning for, stimulating, and assessing undergraduate learning with lunchtime workshops and targeted events on developing assessment skills.