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University of Missouri, Columbia

University of Missouri scientists take a new look at the importance of keeping your eyes on the road.
Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs on the planet, had an air conditioner in its head, suggest scientists from the University of Missouri, Ohio University and University of Florida, while challenging over a century of previous beliefs.
MU researcher pinpoints gene associated with physical inactivity.
In the new study, a team of multi-institution scientists led by the University of Missouri challenged prior theories of the origins of three vegetables — canola, rutabaga and Siberian kale — by mapping the genetic family tree of these leafy greens
A team of scientists at the University of Missouri is using sonar technology as inspiration to develop a rapid, inexpensive way to determine whether the drinking water is safe to consume.
MU student blends fashion, function in lightweight, expedition style clothing interwoven with Kevlar, a heat and abrasive-resistant fiber
In a new study from the MU Center for Body Image Research and Policy, researchers found that digitally painting 3D avatars might have positive effects on body image and mental health.
A University of Missouri discovery could inform future work to identify various influences and therapies for age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease
Research from the University of Missouri identifies potential therapies for metabolic disease associated with diet and exercise
University of Missouri researchers have unveiled a new three-dimensional model of the skeletal muscles responsible for bird flight provides the most comprehensive and detailed picture of anatomy to date.