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University of Missouri, Columbia

Experts at Georgia Tech overcame a major hurdle in the battle to cure difficult-to-treat type 1 diabetes.
For critical care nurses, identifying declines in patient condition as soon as possible can help improve the quality of care delivered and reduce medical emergencies, according to University of Missouri experts.
Experts at University of Missouri are working to equip nurses with the knowledge and confidence they need to discuss COVID-19 vaccination with their patients.
While the omicron variant continues to infect people around the world, researchers at the University of Missouri have identified the highly prevalent, specific mutations that are causing the omicron variant’s high rate of infection.
A new University of Missouri study shows that over time, on again, off again relationships can have a lasting negative influence on the mental health of the people in them, with negative effects sometimes lingering on for more than a year.
A University of Missouri paleontologist and team created 3D virtual models of armor plates from fossilized skeletons of ancient worms, discovering two new species in the fossil record.
MU’s Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab screens harvested deer for chronic wasting disease
Researchers at the University of Missouri find that when the brain is deprived of input from a lost hand, it reorganizes its neural map and reroutes those functions to the remaining hand.
University of Missouri researcher uses sweat monitors to predict behavioral issues in adolescents severely affected with autism
MU scientists created one of the first 3D models showing how ligaments and joints in the skull of a Tyrannosaurus rex work