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University of Colorado Boulder

But a new University of Colorado, Boulder study assessing genetic and survey data from 620,000 individuals found that the 18 most highly studied candidate genes for depression are actually no more associated with it than randomly chosen genes.
In a new study, a University of Colorado, Boulder team showed that it could load groups of individual atoms into large grids with an efficiency unmatched by existing methods.
New research from the University of Colorado, Boulder focuses on how light can manipulate the shape of man-made materials by emulating these amazing cephalopods.
Research led by the University of Colorado, Boulder is revealing the Alice in Wonderland-like physics that govern gravity near the surface of the asteroid Bennu.
New CU Boulder research has identified a surprising new culprit fro cardiovascular disease risk—and it lives in your gut.
Attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired than less attractive women, according to new research from CU Boulder and Washington State University.
A University of Colorado, Boulder team uses cutting-edge instrumentation, techniques to affordably separate methane emission sources.
University of Colorado, Boulder research shows that humans cannot "catch up" lost sleep.
University of Colorado Boulder President Philip DiStefano wrote in the Colorado Sun about the importance of federal investment in university research to the success of public-private partnership.
Preliminary evidence suggests working out five minutes a day, without lifting a single weight or jogging a single step, could reduce your heart attack risk, help you think more clearly and boost your sports performance.