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A new University of Florida study has found that a local plant, the tall elephant’s foot, can be pushy — which wasn’t previously known.
Whether it’s using computers to analyze slide tissue images, mapping the functions of the brain, or working on a study to help amputees partake in meaningful activities, Christian Arty ’19 has made the most of his lab experiences while at Stony Brook University.
Two Boston University undergraduates are co–first authors on a landmark study describing microplastic pollution in marine plants, a “first” for the scientific world.
Get to know Ayumi Pottenger, a senior studying molecular and cellular biology in the hopes of developing treatments for those with Parkinson’s disease while elucidating some of the mysteries of the brain.
15 undergraduate students met with ranchers, environmentalists, hunters, tribal members, and agency representatives to learn more about the intricacies of wolf management in Oregon.

I came to MSU knowing that I wanted to do research in plants — something I had always been interested in, and I had even done some research in high school pertaining to plant biology.

Liah McPherson accidentally got involved in research at UNC when she tried to enroll in a graduate class as a freshman — an experience that’s led her to new colleagues and fostered her love of dolphins.
A pair of Stony Brook undergraduates are getting their feet wet in the world of research, leveraging opportunities at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS).
A new hydrogeology learning lab in and near Mirror Lake gives students the opportunity to apply classroom learning without leaving campus.
Stony Brook undergraduate Terence Thomas was recently awarded the 2018 American Heart Association (AHA) Founders Affiliate Undergraduate Student Summer Fellowship to support his work on the Gait Propulsion Trainer (GPT), a novel rehabilitation device for people with hemiparesis due to stroke.