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University of Oregon

Three AAU University presidents - from the University of Michigan, the University of Oregon and The Ohio State University - answer the question: If you had to devise just one tool or metric to help the general public assess the value of a particular college or degree, what would it be and why?
Researchers are trying to take the bite out of disease-spreading mosquitoes by incapacitating their biting gene.
University of Oregon President Michael H. Schill argues that protesting students who associate universities with fascism are misguided in this article on the Opinion page of The New York Times.

Scientists now know why jellyfish-like salps swimming together move better than a single salp pulsing solo. That information, says UO marine biologist Kelly Sutherland, could guide the development of jet-propelled underwater vehicles.

In collaboration with labs in Japan, Spain and Sweden, University of Oregon scientists open a pathway to design and put biradical compounds to work.
But Glicker was curious what data existed on Rose City’s burgeoning street-corner meal makers, so he made a call to the Multnomah County Health Department. Jackpot: the department licenses food-cart vendors and tracks them from entry into the market to exit, which meant Glicker had stumbled upon access to tidy information capturing the lifespan of more than 700 food carts.
Some day, not too far in the future, devastating diseases may be treated with drugs built from specialized synthetic molecules, thanks to the research of recent UO graduate Muhammad Khalifa.
University of Oregon researchers "very bad day" in the lab leads to the development of a wireless sensor that can measure the amount of nitrogen in the soil saving growers millions.
New filter developed by University of Oregon will extract valuable metals and create clean water from briny, hot, underground water that’s increasingly being tapped to generate electricity in geothermal energy plants
At the University of Oregon, undergraduate students regularly participate in ongoing, long-term studies being conducted by members of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) faculty.