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University of Florida

University of Florida neuroscientists have validated a potential pathway to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
The University of Florida is launching one of the country’s only clinical programs for people with smell disorders, a problem that sounds insignificant until you’ve lived with it.
More than four decades ago, a psychologist’s landmark idea linked family income with children’s cognitive abilities. Now, new findings by a group that includes a University of Florida Health researcher show no evidence for that theory.
A campus-wide effort at the University of Florida explores virtual reality's potential beyond entertainment.
Kent Fuchs, president of the University of Florida, and Glenn C. Altschuler, a professor of American studies at Cornell, suggest ways universities can respond to campus visits by hate groups in a commentary on the Opinion page of The Wall Street Journal.
Fungal diseases are increasing in animals, which might have serious consequences for wildlife living in a hotter world, according to a University of Florida scientist.
“Citrus Under Protective Screens,” or CUPS, can help keep away a pin-head-sized insect that causes citrus greening, University of Florida scientists say.
Kent Fuchs is president of the University of Florida wrote that "America's colleges and universities still offer young people an opportunity to find common ground and grow together — two things on which the very future of the nation may depend" in an opinion piece published on the Tampa Bay Times website.
Jenny Adler’s journey through graduate school has closely resembled the winding limestone caves of the Floridan Aquifer that she photographs from the inside out.
University of Florida researchers seek to slow or avert age-related cognitive decline.