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Undergraduate Researchers Heed the Ocean’s Call

Courtney Stuart and Claire Garfield

A pair of Stony Brook undergraduates are getting their feet wet in the world of research, leveraging opportunities at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS.)

Claire Garfield ’20 became involved in a SoMAS research project in her freshman year, examining the effects of marine reserves on predatory fish. Since then she’s built on that experience to investigate nitrogen removing biofilters (NRBs).

ourtney Stuart ’19 works in the SoMAS research laboratory of Professor Nicholas Fisher, assisting  with data collection and analysis for a project that investigated whether copepods are most affected by the viscous or thermal effects of temperature.

According to Claire, the common thread in her varied research endeavors is the environmental angle and the community outreach.

“I like to know that the work I’m involved in will matter for people that I know – that I go to school with,” she said. “That’s meaningful to me.”

Courtney speaks highly of her experience with Semester by the Sea, a SoMAS program that lets undergrads immerse themselves in marine studies while in residence at the Stony Brook Southampton campus.

“I can’t recommend Semester by the Sea enough,” she said “All of the classes are very specific to marine science; the community is close, and everyone is willing to help each other.”

For more details of their research projects, and to read a joint interview with URECA director Karen Kernan, visit the URECA site.

Undergraduate Researchers Heed the Ocean’s Call was originally published on the Stony Brook University website.