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Michigan State University

A team of materials scientists and chemists has determined the proper stack pressure that lithium metal batteries, or LMBs, need to be subjected to during battery operation in order to produce optimal performance. 
A study led by NYU Steinhardt Professor Eric S. Jackson finds that the perception of being heard by a listener plays a key role in whether a person stutters.
A nap during the day won’t restore a sleepless night, says the latest study from Michigan State University’s Sleep and Learning Lab.
Scientists at Michigan State University have discovered the biological mechanism through which the Geobacter bacteria cleans up radioactive uranium waste. The next step is to investigate whether the bacteria can pull other toxic metals from waste streams.
According to a Michigan State University researcher, a blood test during a routine prenatal visit could reveal if a woman is at risk of a preterm delivery.
A team led by a Michigan State University researcher is developing a low-cost biopolymer dressing that helps heal chronic wounds.
MSU research is revealing how immune cells organize themselves in the epidermis
New research from MSU shows that an infant’s gut microbiome could contain clues to help monitor and support healthy neurological development
Two Michigan State University labs will receive nearly $6 million for projects to conduct COVID-19 wastewater surveillance and testing.
With the help of a new NSF grant, Michigan State researchers are bringing the power of AI to reveal the fundamental role of plant genes.