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Michigan State University

Michigan State University neuroscientists. say spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually change the brain's structure and hurt one's ability to remember and learn.
Michigan State University scientists have furthered our understanding of how plants help strengthen themselves before long periods of cold.
At Michigan State University, researchers are making autonomous driving smarter and safer by perfecting computer vision and "superhuman" sensing.
A new Michigan State University study is helping to answer a pressing question among scientists: just how close are mice to people when it comes to cancer?
A Michigan State University researcher is providing new insight into how certain types of stress interact with immune cells, ultimately causing physical symptoms and disease.
Scientists at Michigan State University have shown that streams can be key health indicators of a region’s landscape, but the way they’re being monitored can be improved.
A Michigan State University scientist will help create artificial “brains” for tiny spacecraft that will mine asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, as part of NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology Program.
A chemical found in marijuana has been found to potentially slow the process in which mental decline can occur in up to 50 percent of HIV patients, says a new Michigan State University study.
The first complete bee census, led by Michigan State University scientists, confirmed a new species and revealed that the actual number of bee species in Michigan exceeded earlier estimates.
Plants’ defense systems are compromised and pathogens' virulence is enhanced by warm weather, research shows.