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Michigan State University

MSU researchers are working to eliminate or reduce the Varroa mite, the number-one suspect of honeybee population declines worldwide.
Michigan State researchers are working to stop a rogue gene that can cause two rare diseases in children when they are only a few days old.
Scientists at Michigan State University are studying plant defenses n order to develop tougher crops.
Giving birth at home is the most significant risk factor for neonatal deaths in major sections of Africa – a continent that continues to be plagued by the highest neonatal mortality rates in the world, indicates a new study by Michigan State University scholars.
The audio breakthrough could eventually lead to such consumer products as a foldable loudspeaker and a talking newspaper.
Through the careful study of excavation records dating back some 40 years, Michigan State University’s Jon Frey has discovered an ancient gymnasium at the archaeological site of Isthmia, Greece.

Michigan State Universiy researcher Zhiyong Xi and his team have developed “mosquito factories” to help stop the spread of Zika and dengue fever in China and Mexico.

Michigan State University engineering researchers have created a new way to harvest energy from human motion.
This framework of “three-dimensional learning” is based on the literature about how people learn science and how we can help students put their knowledge to use.
New research at Michigan State University and published in the current issue of Nature Communications shows how Geobacter bacteria grow as films on electrodes and generate electricity – a process that’s ready to be scaled up to industrial levels.