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Michigan State University

In remote areas with low literacy rates, showing animated videos in the local language demonstrating agricultural techniques results in high retention and adoption rates of those techniques, researchers from Michigan State University found.
Salmonella is acting up in Michigan, and it could be a model for what’s happening in other states, according to a new Michigan State University study.
New research from Michigan State University is the first to apply criminal justice theory to smart vehicles, revealing cracks in the current system leading to potential cyber risks.
New research from Michigan State University conducted the longest study on narcissism to date, revealing how it changes over time.
A new study from Michigan State University reports the design of new, artificial cellular parts that can organize, “tidy up,” targeted molecules inside living cells. The study is published in Nano Letters.
Michigan State University researchers have collaborated with the Great Lakes Potato Chip Company to produce limited edition purple potato chips.
Researchers at Michigan State University, developed the new game app “Quantum 3” to get the general public and K-12 children involved in learning more about Quantum Chromodynamics, or QCD, a theory that governs the interactions of subatomic particles that form all stable matter.
Michigan State University’s Sleep and Learning Lab has conducted one of the largest sleep studies to date, revealing that sleep deprivation affects us much more than prior theories have suggested.
A team of scientists at Michigan State University have developed a new online tool that will make it easier to identify Southeast Asian ambrosia beetles, a potentially destructive and invasive species.
Michigan State University and Spectrum Health are examining the ubiquitous anaerobic bacteria found in all CF patients, which are often dismissed as a non-factor by scientists.