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Michigan State University

A new study has found another health benefit to exercise - making better dietary choices.
The number of opioid-related deaths in Michigan has hit an all-time high, requiring the resources of the state’s three major research universities and one of its largest health systems to tackle the problem.
New findings from Michigan State University went where few researchers have gone before to reveal that, like humans, dogs’ personalities likely change over time.
A team led by Michigan State University has found a cost-effective way to improve mental health in prisons, where 23 percent of the inmates released each year suffered from a major depressive disorder.
Michigan State University scientists have identified a master control mechanism on mast cells, a type of immune cell, that can prevent the immune system from overreacting in times of stress, potentially limiting, or even stopping allergic reactions.
Engineers from Michigan State University have developed and patented a technology that – unlike prior sign language translator mechanisms – is non-invasive and as portable as a tube of Chapstick.
Plants are master chemists, and Michigan State University researchers have unlocked their secret of producing specialized metabolites. The discovery could lead to improved plants but also to the development of plant-based pharmaceuticals and environmentally safe pesticides.
The key to relationship happiness could be as simple as finding a nice person. And, despite popular belief, sharing similar personalities may not be as important as most people think, according to new research from Michigan State University.
Michigan State University and Children's National Health System researchers are the first to link mutations in a gene known as “interferon regulatory factor 6,” or IRF6, which cause cleft palates, to spina bifida and other neural tube defects.
Thomas Holt, professor in the School of Criminal Justice, focuses his research on computer hacking, malware and the role of the internet in facilitating all manner of crime and deviance.