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Boston University

New study shows American Sign Language is shaped by the people who use it to make communication easier
To answer the many puzzling questions about long COVID, researchers at Boston University’s School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center (BMC) are beginning to investigate “post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC),” the medical term used for the array of long COVID symptoms.
Department of Defense funded research taking place at UB, Columbia University, Boston University, the University of Maryland, the University of Arizona, and others focuses on developing new concepts in non-invasive testing and evaluation of semiconductor chips.
Using a simulation modeling approach, Brown researchers estimate that closing syringe services programs, even for one year, will cause cases of HIV to rise.
BU scientists develop portable sensors to measure carbon levels in coastal wetlands that are critical to fighting climate change
A new study found in-person bullying rates plunged when schools went remote because of COVID-19—and that even cyberbullying levels tumbled
Researchers found that trees and soils on the outermost edge of forests may have a role in fighting climate change—but the benefits might not last
A gadget made of plastic and copper wire is a technological breakthrough with the potential to revolutionize brain scans
New research from a Boston University pilot study suggests the placenta could also be helping to protect the unborn baby from COVID-19.
With childhood vaccination rates plunging during the pandemic, a new BU study shows a potential way to get more shots in arms without mandates