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Boston University

Most adhesives today are made of plastic, but Boston University chemists hope a new biodegradable alternative will provide a more environmentally friendly option
Boston University researchers are studying how to curb household lead contamination stemming from construction sites
Boston University researchers are studying how to improve attachment between parents with substance use disorder and their young children
Researchers at Boston University are designing a robot to make sorting decisions in recycling facilities.
BU researcher Kimberly Sullivan is devoted to understanding veterans’ illnesses caused by chemical exposure during the Gulf War—and finding treatments
BU researchers design an “intelligent” magnetic metamaterial that could make MRI more affordable and accessible
A new study by Boston University is the first to illustrate that the brain’s CSF pulses during sleep, and that these motions are closely tied with brain wave activity and blood flow.
Boston University researchers discover a strong link between time of football play and rising chance of getting the disease.
New imaging technique developed by BU, MIT researchers can detect more individual brain cells firing in the brain than ever before
BU engineer unveils a method for printing structures that first appear flat, but then transform into extremely complex shapes, like a human face