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Boston University

New study by BU, Harvard researchers indicates positive thinking can help us live past age 85
BU neuroscientists say special “mapping” brain cells could inspire the design of smarter self-driving vehicles
BU researchers found that a third-party algorithm can track the location of some Bluetooth devices
BU neuroscientist is developing a simulated human brain to test his theory
Boston University researchers have developed a new metamaterial that can improve MRI quality and cut scan time in half
A Boston University study reveals a natural pregnancy hormone could relax a locked-up joint
Researchers at Boston University see big data and AI as a way to help huge communities of people—and individuals
BU neuroscientist shows that stimulating different parts of the brain can dial up or down a specific memory’s emotional oomph
A Boston University CTE researcher says an experimental brain scan revealed abnormal tau protein in former NFL players, a key step toward diagnosing CTE in living people
Researchers at Purdue University and Boston University have discovered that exposing the bug to blue light can render it defenseless against antiseptics as mild as hydrogen peroxide.