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A postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oregon has shown that linking pollen records to plant traits works to reconstruct the benefits ecosystems provide for humans.
Using plant RNA data from 2-week-old corn seedlings researchers from Michigan State University have shown that farmers and scientists can improve adult crop trait predictions with accuracy that rivals current approaches using DNA, i.e. genetic data.
Returning croplands to forests is a sustainability gold standard to mitigate climate change impacts and promote conservation. That is, new research from Michigan State University shows, unless you’re a poor farmer.
In remote areas with low literacy rates, showing animated videos in the local language demonstrating agricultural techniques results in high retention and adoption rates of those techniques, researchers from Michigan State University found.
Michigan State University researchers have collaborated with the Great Lakes Potato Chip Company to produce limited edition purple potato chips.
By monitoring crops through machine learning and satellite data, Stanford scientists have found farms that till the soil less can increase yields of corn and soybeans and improve the health of the soil – a win-win for meeting growing food needs worldwide.
Researchers from the University of California, Davis are working to plant drought-resistant forests around Lake Tahoe.
Researchers at Michigan State University are using large drones to release sterile insects as a more sustainable and cost-effective way to disrupt reproduction of codling moths, or CM, in apple orchards. 
New research from Michigan State University sheds light on how these natural enemies of crop-destroying bugs respond to large-scale spatial patterns in agricultural landscapes
Stanford scientists knew that plants wage chemical war against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Now they’ve learned how to “vaccinate” tomato plants with a natural chemical to boost their defenses against a pest that makes leaves shrivel up and die.