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University Research

Researchers at Boston University see big data and AI as a way to help huge communities of people—and individuals
A Northwestern University research team's discovery illuminates how bacteria turn methane gas into liquid methanol.
Undergrad Gabrielle Gentile was a part of history, working in the Pitt Hatfull Lab on the first known attempt to use phages to treat a mycobacterial infection in a human being, as well as the first therapeutic use of engineered phages.
Doctors know patients do not always take their medications as prescribed. To help them stay on track, new Iowa State University research suggests doctors stop asking patients about missed pills and start asking about their routines.
A new USC study revealed high amounts of lead in the teeth of children in five Los Angeles communities and reinforced the need to test for lead exposure before and during pregnancy.
USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory's Traveler IV is reportedly the first entirely student-designed and built rocket to pass the Kármán line into outer space
University of Southern California researchers are unlocking the secrets of regenerating bones to repair injuries.
University of Southern California study finds women are more productive at warmer temperatures and men perform slightly better at a lower temperature, suggesting that gender and temperature are linked in more ways than one.
Rutgers-led study may lead to improved breeding of corn and other crops
Rutgers scientist's findings could help lead to new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, psychiatric disorders.