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University Research

Ohio State researchers found new information about how cortisol hair testing could one day help doctors detect and monitor depression in teens.
BU neuroscientists say special “mapping” brain cells could inspire the design of smarter self-driving vehicles
A new study from the Ohio State University suggests that your pre-existing self-beliefs, as well as cultural stereotypes, may interfere with your memories and keep you from remembering what truly interests you.
Ohio State researchers have found evidence that early exposure to farm animals could lead to robust immune system development
When NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite launched into space in April 2018, it did so with a specific goal: to search the universe for new planets.
BU researchers found that a third-party algorithm can track the location of some Bluetooth devices
Observations of cellular life in a local marsh led researchers to the discovery of a new type of intercellular communication, a Stanford University team finds.
A new University of Colorado, Boulder study examines those wispy accumulations and suggests that they owe their existence to a phenomenon called “meteoric smoke”—essentially, the icy dust created by space debris slamming into the planet’s atmosphere.
In the new study, a team of multi-institution scientists led by the University of Missouri challenged prior theories of the origins of three vegetables — canola, rutabaga and Siberian kale — by mapping the genetic family tree of these leafy greens
A team of scientists at the University of Missouri is using sonar technology as inspiration to develop a rapid, inexpensive way to determine whether the drinking water is safe to consume.