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University Research

A consortium of researchers at the University of California, Davis, aims to explore the long-term sustainability of cultivated meat, supported by a new grant of up to $3.55 million from the National Science Foundation Growing Convergence program
Researchers use membranes that remove salt from water to help 'split' sea water into fuel
Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine now better understand the role of a protein, interleukin-21 (IL-21), in the immune system response to infections in the nervous system
A new, $3 million award will fund the development of sipIT, a technology-based intervention to encourage people to drink more fluids.
Physicians managing adults with depression should be aware of this potential for increased mortality, Rutgers study finds.
If human societies don’t sharply curb emissions of greenhouse gases, Greenland’s rate of ice loss this century is likely to greatly outpace that of any century over the past 12,000 years, a new study concludes.
Even short, single antibiotic courses given to young animals can predispose them to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) when they are older, according to Rutgers researchers.
The genetic material that codes for bat adaptations and superpowers — such as the ability to fly, to use sound to move effortlessly in complete darkness, to tolerate and survive potentially deadly viruses, and to resist aging and cancer — has been revealed and published by Stony Brook researchers.
Brad Nolen, an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry will be examining the cytoskeleton
Forehead injection of botox is currently being tested in clinical trials for its ability to treat depression by UC San Diego researchers