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University Research

A series of experiments using paper airplanes reveals new aerodynamic effects--findings that enhance our understanding of flight stability.Findings Unveil Mechanisms that Explain Flight Stability
Stony Brook University will lead a new, innovative network of regional biomedical research institutions to accelerate translational research that will impact and advance clinical care for many physical and mental health conditions.
Researchers at Stony Brook University, led by Dominik Schneble, report the formation of matter-wave polaritons in an optical lattice, an experimental discovery that enables studies of a central QIST paradigm through direct quantum simulation using ultracold atoms.
Research from University at Buffalo and University of Utah generates knowledge on GenX chemicals, which the EPA recently deemed more toxic than the ‘forever chemicals’ they were developed to replace
A University at Buffalo communication researcher has developed a framework for measuring the slippery concept of social media public opinion.
A company founded by University at Buffalo researchers is looking to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to improve treatment of vascular lesions in the brain, starting with intracranial aneurysms.
University of Washington researchers have shown that a dental tool they created can measure the acidity built up by the bacteria in plaque that leads to cavities.
Some marine worm larvae are pint-sized predators. The small, blobby babies, less than a millimeter long, ensnare and devour microscopic crustaceans and other prey living in plankton, UO researchers report.
Researchers at University of California San Diego have reported a new protein-design strategy to sidestep the Irving-Williams Series, dictates that copper ion should bind to proteins over other metals.
Using a simulation modeling approach, Brown researchers estimate that closing syringe services programs, even for one year, will cause cases of HIV to rise.