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University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

A new University at Buffalo study reports on the advantages of using artificial intelligence to better understand Type 2 diabetes across the United States
The University at Buffalo has generously shared its expertise and resources to help Western New York respond to, and ultimately conquer, this deadly virus
UB professor is co-author on JAMA Pediatrics paper describing how single case study experimental designs for patients can improve care
Researchers induce artificial ‘magnetic texture’ in graphene, a quantum science advancement that could help lead to more powerful semiconductors, computers
Researchers will use analytical and computational techniques to understand, in detail, how PFAS degrade at each step of the proposed treatment process
Researchers at the University of Buffalo have been exploring how to turbo charge a passive cooling technique — known as radiative or sky cooling — with sun-blocking, nanomaterials that emit heat away from building rooftops
New research from the University at Buffalo could inform fisheries restoration efforts in the Great Lakes
An organization founded by a University at Buffalo surgical resident who used to work in national security and counterterrorism, is also operating stateside, erecting mobile clinics to aid in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Such bubble-like structures — crafted without traditional lipid building blocks — could potentially be engineered to deliver drugs, researchers say
How should children learn about COVID-19? Two University at Buffalo medical students created an adorable, original character named Berry Bunny to explain coronavirus to kids in a clear, colorful and easy-to-understand story, complete with illustrations and activities.