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University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

Such bubble-like structures — crafted without traditional lipid building blocks — could potentially be engineered to deliver drugs, researchers say
How should children learn about COVID-19? Two University at Buffalo medical students created an adorable, original character named Berry Bunny to explain coronavirus to kids in a clear, colorful and easy-to-understand story, complete with illustrations and activities.
A University at Buffalo-led research team is developing plans to 3D print safe, effective and reusable N95-like respirators.
People who have recovered from COVID-19 are jumping at the chance to potentially helping patients who need treatment by contributing antibodies through plasma donations.
Scientists at the University at Buffalo can’t see underground, but are creating computational models are to provide a new way to investigate how root systems might be changing.
Worldwide research coalition led by the University at Buffalo offers new guidelines for healing oral mucositis in head, neck cancer patients.
Researchers say the success of these collaborations proves the power of the University at Buffalo's academic health center
A study from the University at Buffalo shows that antiretroviral therapy given to pregnant mothers with HIV puts their exposed but uninfected babies at risk of adverse cardiac events.
As predicted by theorists, experiments at the University of Buffalo show that barium zirconium sulfide thin films hold great promise for solar cells, LEDs