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University Research

An event hosted by Brown’s School of Public Health brought students together to build low-cost, highly effective Corsi-Rosenthal cubes as air filters that will augment existing filtration systems at Brown.
Rochester psychologists make the case for an approach to FASD based on patients’ strengths rather than deficits.
In an unprecedented atlas, researchers begin to map how genes are turned on or off in different cells, a step toward better understanding the connections between genetics and disease
Yale researchers have found a new way to leverage soft robotic technology to create a flexible, dextrous gripping device similar to the human hand.
Researchers at University at Buffalo, Johns Hopkins, and UC Davis have leveraged the power of digital pathology and computational modeling to develop a new approach to detecting and quantifying podocytes, a kidney cell key to understanding renal disease
As many as one in five Americans suffer from chronic pain, an often intractable problem that costs the country more than $600 billion in treatments and lost work-time and has helped fuel a deadly opioid epidemic.
SDSC researcher leads e-Decision Tree efforts used for classrooms and school buses
A team at the UW has computationally simulated more than 200,000 hypothetical Earth-like worlds, with the goal to model what types of environments astronomers can expect to find on real Earth-like exoplanets
New research in mice sheds light on the seemingly random brain signals that hum in the background of brains. These signals might help the brain switch between states of inattention or disengagement and states of optimal performance, UO researchers reported.
Clinical study to identify biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease at UC San Diego will recruit 4,000 participants by the end of 2023