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University of California, Davis

UC Davis researchers race to develop coronavirus solutions, with the goal of developing new reagents, tests, vaccines and treatments
For the first time since the 1980s, University of California, Davis, researchers have released new varieties of wine grapes.
Researchers at the University of California, Davis are working to create cancer pain treatment options that exclude opioids.
Researchers from the University of California, Davis are working to plant drought-resistant forests around Lake Tahoe.
A study at the University of California, Davis found a 27 percent drop in child mortality in low- and middle-income countries
UC Davis researchers have developed a method for detecting opioid drugs and drug metabolites in breath. The test could be useful for management of patients with chronic pain, as well as for detecting illegal opioid use.
A new project at UC Davis to remove tiny, invasive shrimp could be a big step toward climate-proofing the famed clarity of Lake Tahoe
As Californians have fled ferocious wildfires in recent years, UC Davis scientists, veterinarians, physicians and teachers have also been responding to that trauma: treating people and animals, investigating the effects on mental and physical health, and trying to discover what the future might hold as wildfires burn into towns and suburbs.
University of California, Davis researchers fear two isolated mountain lion populations in Southern California’s Santa Ana and Santa Monica Mountains are at risk of local extinction, perhaps as soon as within 50 years
A study in rats suggests that microdosing - taking tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs to boost mood and mental acuity - can provide relief for symptoms of depression and anxiety, but also found potential negative effects.