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Department of Education

President Mary Sue Coleman wrote to Education Secretary DeVos to ask she consider inviting the following individuals to serve on the department’s Accreditation and Innovation negotiated rulemaking committee:  Dr. Wayne Jacobson of the University of Iowa, Dr. Janet Schreck and Dr. Stephen Gange of Johns Hopkins University, and Ms. Lichinia Beltré of Columbia University.
AAU President Mary Sue Coleman today wrote to House and Senate Appropriations leaders to applaud their efforts in securing increased higher education and research investments in FY19 and urge completion of the remaining FY19 appropriations bills after the midterm elections.
Status of FY19 appropriations including the President’s FY19 Budget Request for AAU’s funding priorities at the Department of Education including Title IV and Title VI funding.
AAU urges Congress to provide at least $76 million for Title VI International Education programs in FY19.
AAU urges Congress to provide at least $670 million to the Institute for Education Sciences in FY19.
AAU urges Congress to support a maximum Pell Grant award of $6,230 in FY19.