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A team of students from the Michigan State University College of Engineering developed an app that allows a patient with muscular dystrophy to maximize the use of his exoskeleton.
The design and construction of a clean, hydrogen-powered UPS delivery van is near completion by engineering researchers and students at The University of Texas at Austin.
A team of Rice University engineering students has demonstrated a next-generation, wireless pacemaker array that could point to the future of medical sensors.
Two University of Texas freshmen have developed a new rideshare app that allows you to hail a ride to other cities.
Iowa State University engineering students have developed a new, practical and cost-effective way to drop medical supplies into a disaster area.
Rice University bioengineering students developed an add-on pad to make defibrillators more effective.
Madeline Koldos is a key member of the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, helping the team prep for a potential record-breaking launch this spring.
Students at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering plan to launch a rocket in December in collaboration with the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) in Japan.
A team of engineering students is designing a whale-scouting drone to help scientists learn about the mysterious language of sperm whales and, in the process, help save the massive mammals from harm and potential extinction.
Michael D’Agati ’18 has for the last few years been engaged in developing supercapacitors using electrodes made from all-carbon 3D scaffolds for in vivo applications.