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University of Pittsburgh senior Emily Klonicki spent the summer before her senior year studying planetary protection at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
Mini-satellites built by Boston University students will get a close-up look at the aurora.
A campus-wide effort at the University of Florida explores virtual reality's potential beyond entertainment.
MIT undergraduate students have developed a stronger, more flexible concrete by adding bits of irradiated plastic water bottles.
Nearly 80 Stony Brook students, faculty and staff participated in an innovative initiative called “Disaster Relief Map-A-Thon: Puerto Rico.”
University of Pittsburgh engineering students are gearing up for a second attempt at completing Mission 7 of the International Aerial Robotics Competition.
Carolyna Quiles won an Outstanding Young Researcher Award and an Outstanding Poster Award at the Illinois Summer Research Symposium and discovered a new career path.
A team of seven University of Maryland engineering students has developed a low-cost tool to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before patients show symptoms.
Students at Northwestern worked around the clock for three months to complete the school's solar house entry into the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.
With the help of two entrepreneurial programs at Duke University, senior Sam Fox is working on a device that can help bed-ridden individuals transfer more safely to wheelchairs.