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Northwestern University

A Northwestern Team took part in three days of racing at the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, Texas.
A Northwestern University research team discovery illuminates how bacteria turn methane gas into liquid methanol.
Researchers at Northwestern University identified 14 compounds with specific electronic trait that could make more effective superconductors.
Researchers at Northwestern and Caltech produce electricity by flowing water over extremely thin layers of metal, finding an oxide layer atop nanometal layer results in electron shuttle, not corrosion.
Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro and former Lewis & Clark College President Barry Glassner together wrote an op ed exploring the challenges of serving students of all backgrounds.
A Northwestern University research team's discovery illuminates how bacteria turn methane gas into liquid methanol.
Northwestern researchers have found all brisk walking, even short walks, help prevent disability in older adults with osteoarthritis
A Northwestern University shows that adults who eat more dietary cholesterol—such as that in eggs—have a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease and of death from any cause, a new study reports.
Soft, flexible sensors are the first to monitor babies in the NICU with precision and without wires.
A new Northwestern Medicine study was the first to directly compare the quality and experience of outpatient care between adults with or without primary care.