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Northwestern University

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new method for testing for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) antibodies. The method requires only a single drop of blood collected from a simple finger prick.
Material can withstand damage from disinfection, enabling masks to be safely reused
A team of Northwestern University engineers has found a way to retrofit a common commercial emergency ventilator (Vortran Go2Vent®) into a device better suited for COVID-19 patients.
Findings suggests abnormal blood flow between mothers, babies in utero
Researchers at Northwestern have developed a novel wearable device to catch early signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19
Northwestern University researchers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the search for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. The AI-powered tool makes it possible to prioritize resources for the most promising studies — and ignore research that is unlikely to yield benefits.
An interdisciplinary team at Northwestern to assess how public thinks, feels and behaves during global pandemic
Researchers are developing new peptide-based therapeutics for targeting and disabling the coronavirus’ so-called “spike proteins.”
Northwestern Medicine cardiovascular experts discuss how racial disparities, including lower socioeconomic status and pre-existing cardiovascular conditions, can lead African-Americans to be at higher risk for contracting and dying from COVID-19.  
Researchers are ramping up production of a promising drug that has proven effective in obliterating SARS-CoV in cellular cultures. The team hopes that the drug might also be effective in the fight against SARS’s close genetic cousin, the novel coronavirus.