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Protecting Consumer Products

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new system for aggregating usage reports from personal devices that emphasizes maintaining the user's privacy.
University of Florida Professors Daniela Oliveira and Natalie Ebner have teamed up to protect older adults from a form of social engineering called phishing.
Some of the nation’s foremost biometrics researchers at Michigan State University are leading exploration into applications that could make lives better by detecting health issues, preventing identity theft and enhancing security.
University of Florida researchers have teamed up with the New York City Police Department’s Financial Crimes Task Force to deploy the “Skim Reaper,” a device that instantly detects the presence of a skimmer, allowing law enforcement and merchants to take action before the card's data can be stolen.

Computer Science Professor Sal Stolfo and his former student Ang Cui, whose cybersecurity research has discovered dozens of serious flaws, have developed Symbiote defense technology that significantly reduces the threat of embedded device malware attacks on end users and organizations.

Implantable medical devices, brain-machine interfaces and wearable technology all present intensifying privacy and security challenges. Better to build security into such devices rather than trying to layer it over them later.