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Social Sciences

Students in the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab project at USC tackle social issues and global problems with for-profit endeavors. This year’s focus is seniors’ unique needs.
A student-led initiative at USC called Art Rx seeks to bridge physical and emotional pain with art.
Emory College senior Emma Reidy has discovered that college students don’t really agree on what emojis mean, either.
Using location-based data, researchers show where violent crimes are concentrated and how that information can lead to positive results
But Glicker was curious what data existed on Rose City’s burgeoning street-corner meal makers, so he made a call to the Multnomah County Health Department. Jackpot: the department licenses food-cart vendors and tracks them from entry into the market to exit, which meant Glicker had stumbled upon access to tidy information capturing the lifespan of more than 700 food carts.
An anthropology major in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in global health, Zero saw an opportunity to help the people of San Miguel Dueñas separate fact from fiction on the causes, prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Stricter state sentencing laws in Washington have swelled the ranks of inmates serving life sentences to nearly one in five. And some lifers who opted to go to trial are serving much longer sentences than others who committed the same crimes and plea-bargained — raising questions about equitable treatment of prisoners.
Felicia Goodrum, a University of Arizona associate professor of immunobiology and member of the BIO5 Institute, has devoted 20 years researching the cytomegalovirus, or CMV, one of eight human herpesviruses infecting 60 to 99 percent of adults worldwide.
An undergraduate students at New York University (NYU) and McGill University found that monolingual infants expect others to understand only one language, while bilingual infants do not hold the same expectations.
UPenn professor Kushanava Choudhury and his undergraduate students use the classroom as a lab for doing original social science research. The class of six asked: How are immigrants playing a role in the city’s revitalization?