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Press Releases

AAU, AAAS, and NAFSA issue press release: Scientific, academic, engineering groups praise administration visa efforts, urge further steps. A call for high-level interagency review of post-9/11 policies and procedures.
The statement is a call to action for universities to ensure the broadest possible access to the products of their work.
The Department of Defense will not restrict disclosure of DOD-funded basic and applied research results unless the research is classified for national security reasons or otherwise restricted by statute, regulation, or executive order.
15 leading business organizations called for doubling the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates by the year 2015. 
The nation's top research universities and AAMC issued a set of shared guidelines intended to protect the public interest when universities grant licenses for the rights to their latest scientific advances to private parties. 
AAU proposed a national education and innovation initiative “aimed at meeting the economic and security challenges we will face over the next half-century.”
Leading Academic, Science Groups Propose Visa Reforms to Boost U.S. Economic Competitiveness and Scientific Leadership
Science, Higher-Education and Engineering Groups Urge Six Improvements to US Visa-Processing Quagmire
University presidents urge expanded campus oversight of potential conflicts of interest in research.
Postdoctoral education is one of the most significant developments in higher education in the last half century, major changes are necessary in the policies and practices governing postdoctoral education.