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AAU urges Congress and the Administration to harmonize, streamline, and eliminate unnecessary, duplicative regulations and reporting requirements.

In October 2014, the Association of American Universities (AAU) formed the AAU Technology Transfer Working Group with the task of reaffirming that the primary goal of university technology transfer operations is to advance the public interest.

AAU sent Trump's transition team a comprehensive set of policy recommendations aimed at helping the nation sustain its preeminence in research, innovation, and higher education.
AAU recommends $5.34 billion for the DOE Office of Science in FY16.
AAU urges Congress to maintain the discretionary base of $4,860 for the Pell Grant to support the scheduled increase in the maximum award to $5,915, which is comprised of both discretionary and mandatory funding.
The economic impact guidelines make up one part of a wider set of tools that has been developed by CICEP. Some of these tools are available now and others are still under development.
Lab-to-Market Inter-Agency Summit: Recommendations from the National Expert Panel White House Conference Center May 20, 2013
Below are key priorities we would like to see included in a final bill that creates a common-sense immigration approach that serves the needs of our country.
AAU Response to NIH Director on managing NIH fiscal resources.
We advocate for an examination and evaluation of the current relationship between research institutions and the federal government to strengthen and/or repair them to ensure increased productivity.