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Drought & Flood

UC San Diego Water Action Plan focuses on a variety of conservation measures and details how they are working towards the University of California goal to reduce campus-wide potable water use by 20 percent by 2020.
Scientists say increasing heat drives moisture from ground.
Researchers with the University of Texas at Austin have found that an aquifer on the island of Samar inundated with salt water by a storm surge could remain undrinkable for up to 10 years.
Cornell and NASA researchers paint a bleak picture for the Southwest and much of America’s breadbasket, the Great Plains. A “megadrought” likely will occur late in this century, and it could last for three decades.
University of Texas at Austin researchers create a network of underground sensors in the Texas Hill Country will arm those responsible for managing the state’s finite water supply with vital information for determining the chances of drought and dangerous floods.