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Ben Goldfein, a senior in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, argues in his philosophy honors thesis that Aristotle’s ancient Nicomachean Ethics can help us deal with the anxiety associated with artificial intelligence.
Emory University students helped unravel prehistoric mysteries of hunter-gatherers in Africa during a trip to Malawi.
Students spent a semester combing Pitt’s University Library System collections to explore a subject of interest to them as part of the Spring 2018 Archives Scholars Research Awards.
Ashley Barry, a double major in English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University, spent the summer watching scary movies for her senior thesis project on “Feminine Fear: Affect Theory and Horror Films in the Twenty-first Century.”

Raul Boquin, now an MIT senior, remembers the assignment from his freshman year as if it were yesterday. During a leadership workshop, he was asked to write a headline for a newspaper in his imagined future.

On a recent afternoon, a small group of students gathered around a large table in one of the rooms at the Stanford Archaeology Center.

"Father." Her father, Isaiah Nixon, an African American man who had dared to vote in the 1948 Democratic Primary in Montgomery County, Georgia, only the second held since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled all-white primaries unconstitutional. Her father, who was gunned down by two white men that evening on the front porch of her home, when she was just six years old.
A history major at the University of Kansas received an Undergraduate Research Award and studied the African-American history of Lawrence, Kansas. He found that though the city was the epicenter of the free state movement before the Civil War, it struggled later with racial integration. His findings note a history which he says, "can contribute greatly to the field of African-American urban history.
McGrath Farm, a former part of the Colonel James Barrett Farm in Concord, Massachusetts, which served as an arsenal for the Concord Militia during the Revolutionary War, is the site of an archaeological dig conducted by professors Andrew Koh and Travis Parno and their students.
One senior at the University of Pennsylvania is working to improve history through museum design.