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Edward Gallagher ’18 has worked to develop a more efficient, sustainable method to compost food waste at Stony Brook University campus dining locations.

AguaClara was conceived more than a dozen years ago with the idea of providing clear, potable water to people in rural Honduras.

An ingenious group of UC Davis students are proving you can create a jumbo, organic, jalapeño “popper,” perfect for stuffing with rice, vegetables, protein and cheese. For the last four years, the young scientists have been making crosses and developing a new variety of pepper with the taste and texture of a jalapeño, an extra-large cavity, and the right traits to thrive on organic farms.
A group of undergraduate students from the University of California, Davis, built a biosensor to provide an effective, inexpensive way to evaluate the chemical profile of oil.
Can we use plants for energy instead of oil? That’s the question one group of intrepid University of Texas at Austin students are trying to answer as part of an innovative program that plugs first-year students into real-world research projects with top faculty and research scientists.