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Engaged Scholarship and Research Outreach

In January 2014, the Center for STEM Learning expanded its activity to the Edwards Campus in the metropolitan Kansas City area. KU Edwards campus is a satellite campus opened in 1993 KU leaving a permanent presence to providing growth and education to Kansas City's community. CSTEM is becoming a critical part of the Edwards’ campus mission to bring the high-quality academic programs, research and public service of the University of Kansas to the greater Kansas City community to serve the workforce, economic and community development needs of the region.

UKanTeach Courses - Several of the undergraduate UKanTeach courses are taught at a local community college and on the Edwards campus.

STEM Teacher Induction Program at the Edwards campus - The assistance this program provides helps ensure the development of a professional community of learners committed to remaining in their districts as professional educators. 

STEM Teacher Development Program at the Edwards campus - The Edwards campus is ideally positioned to become a significant support center for secondary STEM Teachers. CSTEM will focus on two primary areas; Professional Development Workshops and STEM Master’s Degree Programs, Learning to utilize the entirety of universities vast educator resources, coordinating all of its K-12 efforts for STEM educators and administrators into one central location. 

Edwards Summer STEM Enrichment Programs for Middle School Students - Summer STEM enrichment programing began in the summer of 2014 for middle school students

Middle School Science Academy Program (KBOR) - The Academy was developed to help area teachers gain in-depth understanding of science concepts aligned with their curricula and state standards, learn and practice effective instructional techniques, and learn and practice inquiry laboratory activities appropriate for their students. In a research extension to this program get an in depth research experience in KU natural science research laboratories and based on this experience, develop programs to engage their student in appropriate science process. In the summer of 2014, CSTEM began a middle-school enrichment summer camp. The camp program was set up to be a laboratory school for middle school teacher professional development. Teacher’s would have the freedom of the summer environment to try out new activities before implementing in their classroom. 

Communicating Science Speakers/Workshop Series – Science for the People! - In 2013 CSTEM began a program based around the Communication of STEM to the general public. Speakers were invited in to present a communication workshop to KU students during the day followed by a lecture to the general public in the evening. 

Kansas Partnership for Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12 NSF 07-555) Program - The GK-12 project builds upon long term, productive relationships between the University of Kansas Center for Science Education and two urban school districts. 

Community Partnership include;

  • Association of American Universities STEM Initiative
  • Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative
  • STEM Connections
  • National Leadership in STEM Centers
  • Project Lead the Way
  • KC STEM Alliance
  • Science Pioneers
  • Concord Consortium
  • Understanding Science
  • KC Science INC 
  • Institute for Educational Research and Public Service (KU)
  • The University of Kansas Field Station
  • Center for Environmental Beneficial Catalysis