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Participating Colleges and Universities

The universities and colleges directly participating in TOME incorporate three components into their digital monograph publishing programs:

  • Provide a baseline university publishing grant of $15,000 to support the publication of an open access monograph of 90,000 words or less (with additional funding for works of greater length or complexity to be negotiated by the author, institution, and publisher).
  • Set a target of awarding at least three publishing grants per year.
  • Commit to participating in this initiative for five years.

The following institutions, listed here with their representatives to this initiative, have committed to participate:

  • Purdue University Press, Justin Race, Director
  • LSU Press, Alisa Plant, Director
  • Cornell University, Gerald Beasley, Carl A. Kroch University Librarian
  • Duke University, Deborah Jakubs, Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University Librarian
  • Emory University, Michael Elliott, Interim Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of English
  • Indiana University Bloomington, Carolyn Walters, Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries
  • Michigan State University, Christopher P. Long, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters
  • New York University, Carol Mandel, Dean of the Division of Libraries
  • The Ohio State University, Damon E. Jaggars, Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries
  • Penn State University, Patrick Alexander, Director of the Penn State University Press
  • University at Buffalo, SUNY, H. Austin Booth, Vice Provost for University Libraries
  • University of California, Davis, MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian
  • University of California, Los Angeles, Virginia Steel, University Librarian
  • University of Cincinnati, Xuemao Wang, Dean and University Librarian, and Elizabeth Scarpelli, Director of the University of Cincinnati Press
  • University of Michigan, James Hilton, University Librarian, Dean of Libraries, and Vice Provost for Academic Innovation
  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Wendy Lougee, University Librarian and McKnight Presidential Professor
  • Virginia Tech, Tyler Walters, Dean, University Libraries and Professor

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