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The Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME) initiative benefits scholars, the public, universities, libraries, and presses in several ways.


  • Open access monographs make new research freely available online, thereby increasing the presence of humanities and social science scholarship on the web and opening up this content to more readers, putting it into the venue where many scholars are working.
  • Publishing costs are met by university-funded grants and other revenue sources. These publication grants enable open access publishing and send a strong signal to humanities and social sciences faculties that universities value and wish to promote their scholarship.
  • The expanded dissemination of scholarship within and beyond the academy advances the core mission of universities to create and transmit new knowledge for public benefit.
  • This initiative can enable new digital affordances for these publications, such as the integration of multimedia with text and the application of annotation and commenting tools, and can encourage the development of innovative forms of digital scholarship.

Participating Colleges and Universities

The universities and colleges directly participating in this initiative incorporate three components into their digital monograph publishing programs: provide a baseline university publishing grant of $15,000 to support the publication of an open access monograph of 90,000 words or less (with additional funding for works of greater length or complexity to be negotiated by the author, institution, and publisher); set a target of awarding at least three publishing grants per year; and commit to participating in this initiative for five years. 

Participating Presses

View a list of AUPresses member publishers ready to accept grants under the terms of this initiative. All decisions regarding participation in the initiative and acceptance of individual publishing projects under the initiative are at the exclusive discretion of individual presses. If you do not see a particular publisher of interest on the list of participants, we encourage you to reach out to the press in question.

Task Force

This initiative is the result of extensive planning conducted by a joint AAU/ARL task force, later joined by AUPresses and then by interested, invited institutions. View a roster of the AAU/ARL/AUPresses TOME Initiative Task Force members guiding this project.

More Information

For more information, see the TOME FAQs or contact Jessica Sebeok at [email protected], Mary Lee Kennedy at [email protected], or Peter Berkery at [email protected]

Home ●  AboutParticipants ●  PublicationsResourcesGetting Involved ●  FAQ