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These Showdown Rivals Want Colorado Students to Know That Home has World-Class Options

By University of Colorado Chancellor Philip DiStefano and Colorado State University President Amy Parsons:

In many households across Colorado, this week is all about Ralphie versus CAM the Ram. The rest of the year, however, Ralphie and CAM are more partners than rivals, as our universities work together to advance our state and develop solutions to society’s most difficult problems.

Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Boulder team up each day to serve Colorado through groundbreaking research and exceptional education that sustain our state’s economy, health, climate and quality of life.

Last year, combined research expenditures by CU Boulder and CSU Fort Collins totaled more than $1 billion. The CSU and CU systems employ more than 56,000 people in Colorado, while spinoff companies created from our universities’ research have created thousands more private-sector jobs across the state.

Our alumni represent our most important contribution. Some are well-known, like CSU graduates astronaut Kjell Lindgren, Olympic champion Amy Van Dyken, and Tuskegee Airman and civil rights activist Lt. Col. John Mosley; and CU Boulder alums Matt Stone of Southpark fame, Supreme Court Justice Byron White, and journalist Savannah Sellers. Our alumni include leaders in every field, with more than 417,000 graduates of CU and CSU systems living and working in Colorado.

Given the success of our graduates and the incredible impact our universities are having across the state, our message today is simple: Colorado’s aspiring college students can and should remain in Colorado for a top-notch education that enables lifelong success. No matter your interests, ambitions, or background, you can find what you seek at CSU or CU Boulder – or with degrees from both!

A core purpose of a public institution is to support our state’s workforce and graduate tomorrow’s leaders. Last year alone, the CSU and CU systems delivered 67% of the bachelor’s degrees earned in Colorado; 76% of master’s degrees; 91% of doctoral and professional degrees; and 100% of MD and DVM degrees.

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