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Indiana University’s Role in Shaping the State’s Future

By Indiana University President Pamela Whitten:

In a moment when our state’s future depends on producing extraordinary talent, fostering innovation in new ways and increasing collaboration across industries and sectors, the leadership of Indiana’s research universities could not be more critical.

It is in this spirit that Indiana University has launched IU 2030, our seven-year strategy and road map for our seven campuses, two regional education centers and nine School of Medicine campuses.

Drawing on the contributions of hundreds of students, staff and faculty from all corners of the state, the IU 2030 vision is built upon three strategic pillars: an unwavering commitment to the success of our students, research and creative activity that improves lives, and a platform of service to address the most significant challenges facing communities in Indiana and beyond.

We know that vibrant universities fuel business and industry, and create stronger, more prosperous communities.

Consider that the 20 research universities throughout the Great Lakes region—which includes both IU and Purdue University—generate one-third of our nation’s STEM graduates.

They also produce 31% of U.S. university-based research and receive 34% of all National Institutes of Health research funding. Incidentally, our own IU School of Medicine—the largest in the nation—ranks 14th nationally for NIH funding among public universities, and our aspiration is nothing short of the top 10.

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