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Indiana University Bloomington

Michael A. McRobbie, president of Indiana University, talks about why international students are important to his institution and how antipathy toward foreign students is bad for higher education and the nation in this video posted to The Chronicle of Higher Education website.
Researchers at Indiana University have found early evidence that tiny snippets of genetic material called microRNA may help with early detection of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.
Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie said the state's strategy for leading in today’s highly competitive marketplace by attracting talent and a well-trained workforce is working in this commentary published by the Indianapolis Star.
As the opioid crisis deepens across the country, researchers at Indiana University have released a series of research-driven, potential solutions.
A new study from Indiana University suggests that a drug proven safe for use in people may prevent opioid tolerance and physical dependence when used in combination with opioid-based pain medications.
A drop in international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities will harm America's standing in the world and our most competitive industries, according to Michael A. McRobbie, president of Indiana University.
"Teaching truth and training our students for the jobs of tomorrow are not — and must never be viewed as — inseparable," Michael A. McRobbie, president of Indiana University, writes in this commentary for The Huffington Post.
Michael McRobbie, president of Indiana University and a professor of computer science, wrote about the impact of the university's Online Education Initiative.
Michael A. McRobbie, President of Indiana University, and Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb write about the opioid crisis in Indiana and what the state and the state's flagship university are doing in response.
A study led by Indiana University scientists reports a promising step forward in the search for pain relief methods without the addictive side effects behind the country's current opioid addiction crisis.