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How to Sway Higher Ed’s Skeptics

Peter Salovey, president of Yale University, writes that while many Americans are skeptical about the value of higher education, "The value of a college education is greater than ever."

In an opinion piece published by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Salovey writes that "There is a significant gap between what many Americans think about higher education and what we know about graduates’ success."

To correct misconceptions Americans have about the cost of higher education, student debt, students and the value of a Liberal Arts degree, educators "must do a better job of communicating what our institutions contribute to students and to society," Salovey says.

A college education remains an excellent investment that rewards students "with better job prospects and higher lifelong earnings," he says, and it is a significant factor in social mobility

Salovey said that educators must also tell better stories about how our institutions create knowledge and spur innovation.

"Colleges are economic incubators, creating prosperity in our communities." he writes. "We are the foundation of the country’s prosperity, essential partners in a knowledge-driven economy where innovation confers competitive advantage."

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