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Developing Faculty Cultures for Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in STEM: A Progress Report

One part of the University of Arizona AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Project is focused upon addressing the personal and cultural influences on change in the instructional practices of STEM faculty members. This part of the project is working to support the transformation of STEM faculty and departmental cultures to practice and sustain evidence-based, active-learning instruction in their classes. This chapter describes our work in pursing this goal.

Burd, G. D., Tomanek, D., Blowers, P., Bolger, M., Cox, J., Elfring, L., . . . Wallace, C.  (2016). Developing faculty cultures for evidence-based teaching practices in STEM: A progress report. In G. C. Weaver, W. D. Burgess, A. L. Childress, & L. Slakey (Eds.), Transforming institutions: Undergraduate STEM education for the 21st century (pp. 90-102). West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press.

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