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Congress Must Find a Solution to DACA Or the U.S. Risks Losing on the Investment It's Made

C.L. Max Nikias, president of the University of Southern California, writes in an opinion piece for The Hill,  "If we do not act to find a way to keep DACA beneficiaries here, we will have wasted the tens of millions of dollars already invested in Dreamers."

"Beyond the conflict of values involved in balancing humane considerations with legal and security considerations, there is another pragmatic issue at stake," he writes. "The reversal of DACA puts our nation in the precarious position of having invested in the education of 10,000 university graduates per year – yet walking away from the enormous economic and cultural benefits this investment would reap.

"DACA graduates pay taxes, create jobs and add to the rich fabric of American innovation," he adds. "And make no mistake: we are invested in their success in the same way we are invested in the success of any other student that graduates from an American university."

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